The Monday Virtual Wealth Summit


If you ?‍⚕️?‍⚕️ want to Stand out from the crowd and spend less time working hard and more time doing what you want really want to do,? then you are like most people. However, if you still feel the same and want to make sure this happens in your life then you are thinking like the 5% success group. If you can get out of bed and attend this meeting then you are acting like the 5% success group.  Now since you think and behave like the 5% most successful people in the world. Now read and learn what they know This series is designed to help anyone who has “Time” or “Money” and wants to grow this “Time” or “Money” into secure financial gains. This session is for determined people who want to increase their wealth portfolio immediately. Join us on our LIVE Webinar, meet, connect , exchange ideas all ONLINE ?‍?‍??‍?‍???‍?‍??

Topics covered will include  how to Invest and grow your cash using

  • Gold or Silver
  • Real Estate /Property with or without a mortgage
  • How to  Grow and Manage your Business/Service in an “Online” world ( Covid 19 Free)

Then this session is for you.

Your Facilitators are:

Sam Onigbanjo,

Sam, will share with you the New “Digital” way to acquire and create a cash flow from properties, resulting in an extra £1,000 or more per month, all this without investing heavily in to property deposit. He will also show you how to cut out the  middleman and keep the cash in your pocket.

He will be joined by 2 Experts that are currently members of his Coaching Academy,  One is an expert in Serviced accommodation and the 2nd an authority in the Rent to Rent sector
Sam is a “Never” say “Die” business strategist, he is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Digital Marketing Expert, he invests regularly has mastered how to make wealth creation systems yield Interest. He is the author of 37 Business Thoughts and has helped over 1,000 businesses start and grow. Currently, he has multiple property clients spread all over the UK who are members of his Coaching Academy and use his expert services.

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Abbiih Oloyede

Abbiih is the CEO of a platform set up to educate and encourage individuals to invest in physical gold bars and coins as a form of investment and she has been doing this for more than five years.


The company was set up as a means of informing potential investors about the opportunity to diversify their portfolio by adding physical gold bars and coins. The suggestion is to have up to 15% of gold investments.

As a company, we seek to offer a bespoke service based on individual budgets and or desires.

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Joining details are below:

Monday 23rd  March

Time: 7.30PM

This is an ONLINE event so you can join from your Phone, Laptop, Computer as long as you have the Internet or can dial in with your phone then you must make it!

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