Walking Dead?

WALKING DEAD This is the term used to describe people who have MURDERED their gifts and dreams to comply with “NORMALCY”.   In Africa, where I am from, its called AN ABOMINATION. How can you abort your destiny for someone else? The Great Fela  Anikulapo-Kuti, Would say “Suffering and smiling”. I want you to wake up to YOUR DESTINY today. Yes, WAKE UP,  BE DETERMINED, BE RADICAL. It’s your turn to lead, to play the lead role, your life, your breath, YOUR TIME LEASE I want you to get so committed to YOUR SUCCESS that you’ll withstand any employment distraction or FEAR OF FAILURE OR SUCCESS. Too many wonderful people that live in your postcode,  that are your height, work where you work too many are under self-limiting deceptions. Wandering through the year, hiding under the shadow of being BUSY and the Infamous excuse about the CHILDREN. I am disappointed that you are being robbed daily of your rightful inheritance because you are afraid to fight for what should be yours. You keep hoping that somehow you will find a lucky break without using forceful action. But you won’t! You have to make demands where life and success are concerned.   When you think about starting and growing a business, you are expressing your gifting and talents, your right to add value to the world. Why do you think, society is falling in many places! YES because you once again have not provided the true answer!  GOSH… I know you can do it, and you know you know you can do it! So why walk around like the Walking Dead…. Full of potential but no YIELD?   So, stop going round in circles right now! Stop WALKING LIKE THE DEAD, express your creativity push, be assertive, hang around assertive entrepreneurs. Join a group where your ideas and passion will be nourished and celebrated. If you don’t you may never succeed in this time lease! I, sincerely wish you all the good luck in the World. If you want to take action and do something about this, I would like to Invite you to my LAST FREE Event for 2017, click here and reserve your space now!  https://goo.gl/PH2hrk   Sam Onigbanjo, Is a Brilliant Coach and Strategist, he is an expert in Emotive Branding and has helped over 1,000 businesses start and grow in the last ten years. You may reach him at sam@greatbusinessplatforms.com    ]]>