Abandoned or disappointed by your Network?

Sometime’s we all feel or know people have let us down, and sometimes we know, if we want to tell the truth we have let ourselves down even more! This week in my Private Masterclass, I am going to discuss how we can utilise the Scale of Preference tool. For those who do not know what a scale of preference tool is, the tool is mostly used by economists to help measure and assess preferences and priorities. Interestingly you can, transfer the use of this tool and use it to get the same results in other areas including using it to measure priorities and preferences in your Social network, Business network and Importantly on yourself. I am going to share a few lines on how you should use this tool to measure the value of your Social network. Prioritisation (Listing actions in order of importance) A scale of preference will list from top to bottom things that are most important to use, this list may be one to five or one to ten. The priorities on the top receive maximum attention. A scale of preference is not a Wishlist and is not about words and idle promises, but about actions. If you are never featured as a  priority in your social networks scale of preference, and you are feeling left out, excluded or excommunicated I have news for you, that pain or awkward feeling is not necessarily bad. It is, in fact, a wake-up call to challenge you from being too comfortable where you are. Being prioritised in your social networks is not about words and idle promises, but about actions, between you and your friends or colleagues. If you are never a priority to your friends or colleagues and never up their on their scale of preference, then you need to reposition yourself. By this I mean, If your “Reasonable well-defined requests” are never met. You are not on the top ten list! What could make this uncomfortable is if all or most of their “Reasonable well-defined requests” are met by you! This means there is no Reciprocity and your Social Value Relationship is lopsided!  And this lop side is not in your favour! Solution Take a step back, have some quiet time and revisit your scale of preference. Ask yourself why these “ungrateful people” are on your scale of preference. Can someone else do what you require from them? More importantly, take out time to understand “Delayed gratification” are you too eager for something that is great? But might require you to delay receiving this to keep your self-dignity? To get to grips with this and more, join our  Business club or Private mastermind group. You can join from as little as £9, click here   Sam Onigbanjo, Is a Business Owner, a strategist and Coach, he has helped over 1,000 businesses start and grow over the last ten years.  He is also a multiple award-winning thought leader. He is the author of a number of  Business and Personal development books Including the stellar 37 Business Thoughts. An Expert in Emotional Intelligence, he is currently delivering practical workshops on Emotive Branding and Storytelling for leaders. You can contact him at sam@greatbusinessplatforms.com]]>