Your Leadership Time Lease!

 Time lease Oracle smiled ever so gently and started sharing the true story, the story that made Silicon Valley, Dubai, London, New York and Beijing.   Before clocks existed and Men could count days, time was recorded solely on the holy rock buried in the heart of the city of Oracle. This was far away from earth at the centre of the Milky way. Traveling spirits arriving on earth were sent with small stones, smaller than pebbles, this is where the other part of their time lease was buried.   The great oracle leased out, these stones, smaller than pebbles to the parents of newborn children and these stones recorded how long you would live on earth. At the appointed date and time, Oracle would call from his divine palace and mystically call for the return of the stones, which also meant the end of the time lease or as humans would say “Death”. Within this time people who have been leased time needed to discover their divine call on earth and then focus and run the race to fulfil that call; all before the stone was mystically summoned back.   Between 1910 and 2010, Oracle divinely proclaimed four special assignments.  Only ten million people, born in that time bracket 1910 to 2010, because he knew  “Mankind”. He knew some would disobey, some would fail, some would be caught up with the pride of life and have a perverse opinion/attitude to the call, and only some would make it through.   Oracle in his divine wisdom, made four proclamations and declared them assignments that must be fulfilled. (A) A life of serving others and then being served (Which could be risky as not all practice reciprocity). Oracle gave this gift to the world because he knew that after the hurt and pain people had gone through after the Two world wars and Slavery, love and patience needed to be demonstrated so the grieving souls of many could find solace, peace and love; and eventually start to blossom again.  Some of the people he gave the call to that obeyed include  Mother Theresa, President JF Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.       (B) A Life of many words but few actions (Playing life safe but limited). Oracle gave this special assignment, as a gift to the world because he wanted to let people see how painful it was to not live by your word. So, he made sure many adults would tell children: “I promise to pick you up or buy you a gift and have the child’s world filled to the brim with excitement only to be disappointed by a flimsy excuse”. He also allowed such people to grow into adults who would say many things to eager neighbours or people in need of help, only to disappoint them later.  To make the story one everyone would remember, Oracle permitted a few to come into some key positions of power and let them disappoint, with their words and then use their actions to only judge, accuse and remain indecisive. ( Like many people on our streets, neighbourhoods, communities and even our offices)       (C) A life where you live serving someone else’s call in part or full.  Oracle looked at me in a special way. Oracle said these are people full of potential gifts and abilities destined for greatness but had to deliberately make a choice. A choice of leaving the familiar and safe for the risky but potentially fulfilling. Otherwise, they would only excel within the confines of someone else’s call. But remember the bigger picture, we all are in different ways part of someone else’s call. By nationality, gender etc.(I am sure you can think of people who fit in here)     (D) A life of leading.  Suddenly the room became dark and I felt a chill, Oracle said to me “I want you to share this with your network on Earth” I have given you all one-time lease each and I will not give you another!   I already know you are leading and leading quite well, but I am unhappy about one thing. This one thing you need to do 100 times more. You see I gave all of you stones. I am the Author of your existence, but I will not butt in or interfere with your life. This is the Genius stroke, the way to truly win. My heart beat so fast when Oracle said this.   Oracle, looked at me and said do you remember World war 2 or at the very least the films?  I nodded my head. He said Do you remember the six million Jews that died during the Holocaust, I nodded and the millions that died during the transatlantic slave trade from Africa? I was anxious and alert and managed to nod my head again.   Oracle said  A life of leading is a life of creating, serving and most especially it’s a life of Loving.  If you can not overlook or try and help others  you can never be a leader that will be marked eternally within this time lease.  As he spoke I saw some stones return to him. Some had been on earth for 80 years and some for only 20 years. Before I could think of why. Oracle looked at me and said why only 20 years?   Oracle said I did not call for that stone, not at all, Oracle said  Selfishness and Judgment ejected that stone from earth. The poor owner could not handle the grief of rejection again and drugs overwhelmed them.  Oracle said    “ A life of leading, a life of selfless leading will be the crown jewel for eternity for anyone who wants to master the time lease. Rules and Secrets from Oracle The first rule of Increase under the time lease law is identify and solve a problem with Joy and the second rule is you will be rewarded according to the measure of your targeted value-adding activity.   By this tear my eyes welled up and my emotions convicted me, I must change the way I help and my motives behind business.   My Question: How have you served your vision? Or somebody else’s vision? Have you ever considered or thought that YOUR delaying to serve/help is the reason why some great destinies are not succeeding in this time lease? Do you know if you were willing to lead in identifying and solving other problems out there your participation would be facilitating destiny? Ray Kroc fulfilled it for MacDonald’s   Selfishness is not an option only a sure route to Eternal FAILURE   Your Challenge What is your WHY here on Earth? Which category or categories do you fit in under Oracle’s proclamation that is if you were born between 1910 and 2010. Answer and act decisively before your stone is recalled by Oracle.   It’s action time   Sam Onigbanjo, Is a Business Owner, a strategist and Coach, he has helped over 1,000 businesses start and grow over the last ten years.  He is also a multiple award-winning thought leader. He is the is author of a number of Business and Personal development books Including the stellar 37 Business Thoughts. An Expert in Emotional Intelligence, he is currently delivering practical workshops on Emotive Branding and Storytelling for leaders. You can contact him at  ]]>