Charity, Fashion,Fun and Fundraising all at #Fashionmixerevents

Mastermind coaching group, was elated with the engagement, the people and most especially with the auction and raffle the participation was phenomenal. To top it up, some ladies in the house decided to auction a 60-second plank to raise further money, led by the amazing Coco AKA Ms. Positive. When asked how he found the night Mr. Bims Akingbade said “Normally at a fundraiser he nods off. However, this was the first fundraiser he stayed awake and participated and enjoyed.” DJ Mind the Gap Said ” When the DJ is this excited about the night how will the audience feel.” Thanks to all the donors and supported by this year’s event, Including Mr. Steve Mwale of Simply Accounts, Mr. Bim Akingbade of Link up Property and the amazing ladies who made sure everything auctioned was bought for a premium price. Comperes and Auctioneers on the night Sam Onigbanjo and Seye Aina Great Business Platforms  coaching mastermind group helps entrepreneurs meet their goals through higher productivity, increased market share and better business models and Sustained Impact]]>