The Africa Expo London arrives

africa-expo-promotional-flyer-1 Nigerian Entrepreneurs Arise: Africa Expo 2016 is here ‘As sure as the spring will follow the winter, prosperity and economic growth will follow recession’. These are the words of US businessman, Bo Bennett. They are words, which should chime like sweet music to the ears of any entrepreneurial Nigerian. This is because the Nigerian recession, Brexit and other economic weaknesses and threats can lead to opportunities to start or grow successful Africa-linked businesses. Currently the UK is seeing a huge rise in entrepreneurship. The number of starts-ups in the UK has risen year-on-year since 2011 with no signs of abating. Last year there were 608,110 businesses started in the UK compared to 581,173 in 2014 and 526,447 in 2013. The reasons for this are numerous, although economic hardship is said to be one of the biggest factors. Many people in the UK are now facing salary deflation, increasing living costs and job insecurity. Faced with all of these challenges it is no wonder more and more people want to take their destiny into their own hands. Yet for every person who actually starts a business there are many more people with the same ambition who have yet to make that first step. This is particularly true within the British African community, where aspirations to start a business are higher than in other groups yet the actual business start-up rate remains relatively low. If you are thinking of starting a business why not take the first step by attending the Africa Expo 2016. Africa Expo 2016 is an event designed to ignite the entrepreneur’s passion for Africa-linked business and maximise the opportunities that the current economic climate presents. Africa-Expo 2016 is aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs of any background who are keen to launch business or social enterprises in the UK or Africa. The event will include: o Information sessions and presentations from expert speakers o The BIG panel debate on enterprise, Africa and Brexit o An African Fashion Show o Networking Attendees will hear first hand from entrepreneurs who have launched successful businesses in the UK or Africa. And most importantly be given vital information about how they can turn their own business dreams into a reality. The Expo will include exciting presentations from expert speakers and entrepreneurs on: o Launching a business in Africa o Social enterprise o Working in Africa o How to start a fashion business Guest Speakers at the Africa Expo include Nigerian British fashion designer Elizabeth Eldimaa, Tech entrepreneur Corbyn Munnik who successfully launched a product into the Nigerian mobile market and Grace Olugbodi a serial entrepreneur. Event details Date: Saturday 22nd October 2016-10-05 Time: 11am – 5.30pm Location: Islington Assembly Halls To get your ticket and stay updated about the event, please visit or visit]]>