Seven out of twelve things Steve Akinboro taught us.

  • His Early pain, was a driving factor propelling him forward into his career and destiny.
  • Limitless thinking enabled him to see himself as “The man that Can” despite his humble beginnings and “No money ” syndrome
  • His self-discipline, enabled him to remain the same in the mist of peer pressure. “This helped distinguish him as a future leader”.
  • Mentors/Coaches/Sponsors.Advocates/Promoters : Are  necessary external lifelines everyone needs to grow. Every time he didn’t know what to do, he opened up communication with one of these.
  • Location can determine your promotion, when promotions became stagnant he relocated.
  • It’s compulsory to ask for Increase, It never drops on your lap you need to make demands on life.
  • Build great networks, this was his secret external resource
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