What happened at the SELF MARKETING Event

cross section GBP Business Club started off with the roar of a Lion, on Tuesday the 26th of January,  3 billed speakers and one last minute additional. The first item on the agenda was a surprise 90 second Introduction from everyone present as Sam stated. You have to be able to express your value to anyone anywhere in 90 seconds! The house was filled with Property Investors, Financial Advisors, Big chain Business owners ,fashion designers, authors and Technologists. You can only get that type of mix at GBP Business club The  official night started  with the unveiling of the Business club vision  quickly flowed by a Global economic outlook for 2016 by Dele Ojomo. GBP Founder, Sam Onigbanjo,FCIM  Shared on SELF MARKETING, Swiftly followed By Barrister Godwin Okri. For more Information join us at GBP Business club , simple email info@greatbusinessplatforms.com     [gallery ids="1485,1486,1487,1488,1484"]]]>