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Our next club meeting is on Thursday the 26th of March, click here for full details OMP_021[1]     Question: How do you develop a  business commonwealth? Answer: By working towards gaining trade surplus for the defined target group. Question: What do I as an Individual small business owner of African descent or a supporter of Africa need to do to help make this a reality. Answer: About 3 years ago I came across a document that stated that less than 3% of what black people earned stayed within the black community. This means that for every £1,000 earned or received only £30 stayed with another black person, explained in another way it means out of every £1,000 earned , £970 went to people and businesses that are not of your “Commonwealth”  What this means is that one of the reasons why you ask people within the black community to invest or support you financially and they ask “No” is primarily because the money doesn’t stay! So, to answer your question, despite the shoddy work or dishonest work you might have experienced from one , ten or one hundred black people you need to carefully identify people within your community that are not shoddy or dishonest and can deliver what you need done. You need to patronize them more and likewise they you. Plus: With the raised awareness of this Issue, Businesses and Individuals Interested in aiding economic growth amongst Africans and Africa are Invited to participate. Just like the sloganWe need trade not grant aid   Assignment: Observe, where and how you personally spend over the next 30 days and find out if you know someone in your community and commonwealth that could deliver the same goods or serve for you! Question: Is this not separatist? Answer: No! One of the goals of the GBP Business club is to make sure our members, contribute more to our local society and economy  . Business is Great in this country and we need to take advantage , this can only be done if we trade with each other more so we are in a better position to Invest more and make life how we want it to be. Maintaining only 3% of your Income is not acceptable. Being part of a business network is a healthy way to grow collectively in business. If what you have read above is the type of club you would like to be part of then:

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