The Business of Entertainment

DSC_0185 Femi Bags_Fashion Show_Daniel Sync Photos Entertainment 2015: Buy where you are celebrated and not tolerated Nobody I can think of or know wants to work hard and receive little, or prepare for much and receive little and the truth is a lot of wonderful people in entertainment are experiencing this. Today I want to help by supporting you. I really believe that as people we need to be “Community wise” So  I am focussing on the business side of entertainment, there is a lot of encouraging growth in the actual acts of entertainment, in particular, Nollywood, Afrobeats, Fashion and Entertainment events. My Input is after serving your audience with “Great Entertainment” how do “YOU” make and keep “MORE MONEYFinance for U Some call it “Karma” I call it the “Law of seedtime and Harvest” My thoughts are these:  

  • Buy more from within your community, if you don’t there won’t be enough money to buy your tickets, films, fashion or sponsor your event. Admire other ethnic groups and observe their growth is not by chance or luck  but by diligence, the amount of money that goes on yummy yummy Chinese! Great food but zero return on investment for “YOU” . The other communities you spend so much money with will not sponsor or buy your tickets, music, films or fashion. So why give them so much….. Do you realise that if across London daily all Africans spend £1,000, that is £30,000 a month! Let me break it down, I mean if one hundred people spend £10 a day on Chinese that’s £30,000. Now Im sure you know 100 people is a tiny fraction of what really goes on. So think of it £30,000 in an African ladies restaurant means employment and money to spend back for your business. So please think, admire , learn but most importantly “TAKE ACTION” from the lessons learnt.
  • Think Global, never think of just servicing your neck of the woods if you want to control billions of dollars, its not the fact that westerners are westerners that gives them the upper hand its more the mind set of providing global services. This means you need to think of your customer, deliver your service for your customer, not just your dream not just your goal be a bit selfless, how about their goal how about providing a service for their dreams. A global mind-set will automatically make you shun mediocre and poor finishing. This will aid other people accepting your products as value for money and acceptable. People buy what they understand, that’s why a global thinker who is a designer or musician can produce an African piece and sell sell and sell , whilst an African struggles to sell his own piece. For those who are not aware the Fela musical in London a few years ago sold out every day it even sold in Lagos and the team were non Nigerian!  Again recently within the last 6 months , a Global thinker promoted and sold out a Nigerian act in the UK, whilst Nigerian promoters struggled and by that I mean they “Lost a lot of Investors money” Did the Nigerian promoters work  hard ? Yes  but  did they think Global? NO  So I questioned his strategy.
  • You have to, this is compulsory! you have to, have to have to! Have a Causus, be united not a group led by people chasing personal gain but a causas with defined interests, united where leadership can wait for rewards while the Industry as a whole benefits first. A caucus is a numbers bloc that is able to speak out on behalf of membership, it causes others to realise you have the ability to organise and grow. The only time ever God in heaven came down to scatter men was when he saw they worked in unity to build a tower from earth to heaven in the book of Genesis. My point is when you are united , its impossible to stop you! Yes even God recognises this, so forget being a small player chasing your own game, and become a team player, develop your brand and the Industry brand at the same time.
2011-05-10 12.54.04 Actions:
  1. Deliberately choose to buy from your community, a good and credible supplier of what you are looking for, please make sure he/she knows their Industry, put that money in their pocket and watch.
  2. Broaden your horizon and think of selling further and to more people than you usually do, attend a motivational seminar get Inspired, break the box do the unusual, dare your limitations, be “The Greatest in the whole world”.
  3. Try unity, especially with winners, when you try unity always play win/win i.e it’s good for you and good for them. Not win/lose, Good for you and bad for them. Don’t treat your fellow as a simpleton! ( Remember daris is god o) Play win/win let the benefits spread it will benefit you in the long run. Try it
  My words for you: The future is what you and I decide it will be, inaction, endless thinking , indefinite patience all lead up to other people taking control. As Individuals I see so much growth and development, but to really become relevant and powerful the same needs to be applied to us as a community. Read my article or attend a workshop on Dependence, Independence and Interdependence, I speak on this quarterly. Making sure, we spend internally as a community is the same as nations pushing to produce more , export more and import less. The challenge we are facing now is like a nation that imports everything even the things it can produce. This is “Trouble” take action see you soon.   1MeJoin us at any of our local business meetings, ( Stay where you are celebrated not where you are tolerated) This write up was written by Sam Onigbanjo, FCIM, Business consultant Founder Nigerian entertainment and lifestyle awards (NELAwards) Consultant to South African Fashion and Cultural week Host of the GBP Business Hour starting shortly on Fusionplus TV Sam Onigbanjo, @sammiedollar]]>